How To Structure A Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay draws its style from the root word describe. You are required to describe a process or object. This means providing a systematic or step-by-step breakdown of how to arrive at a particular point or object. Your description should be vivid such that it captures the attention and imagination of a reader. When you do an essay that is descriptive, the reader should feel as though the tastes, smell, texture or even sounds are real. What will dominate your paper is the atmosphere or mood of the objects being described.

When you are asked to write a descriptive essay here are important points to consider or the standards that your paper must meet.

  1. Must provide a vivid reception or introduction of the subject under discussion.
  2. Descriptive essay writing must capture the important and most minute details of the subject.
  3. The paper needs to have an emotional appeal that is convincing to readers
  4. Demonstrate your emotional standing in regard to the subject
  5. Keep away details that are irrelevant to the discussion.
  6. Reveal the details of different aspects or processes in subsequent paragraphs.

Here is a structure that every essay writer should follow during descriptive writing.

  • Introduction - this section is used to justify the choice of subject. You are required to give a reason for choosing a particular object, person or process for your paper. The best essays present a strong opening statement to grab the attention of a reader. It could be a quotation, statistics, figures or a statement of fact that puts your description into perspective. Even a story can be used as introduction. The thesis statement must capture the object under description.
  • Body- this section requires you to expound on the details of each object or idea stated in the introduction. This is the time you are required to paint the details of objects under description. There are several paragraphs that you have to deal with. Here is a guide from a professional essay writing site to guide you on how to handle each paragraph.
    1. Paragraph 1- describe the object of interest. Focus on the features that it presents without touching on the surrounding or operations. This makes the reader to understand better what he is dealing with.
    2. Paragraph 2- this is a description of the surrounding. The idea is to capture the interaction between the subject and the area or environment where it is used. You are allowed to use metaphors and comparisons on this paragraph.
    3. Paragraph 3- this section requires you to use a personal appeal or feeling to describe the story or issue under discussion. You may also share your experience with the subject. You are still at liberty to use metaphors and comparisons in order to bring your description to life.
  • Conclusion- experts at custom writing service are of the opinion that this section should be used to highlight the importance of the description you have just given. It is your opportunity to reframe the thesis statement and relate it to the description you have made in the body of your paper. Bring all parts together and allow the reader to see the subject as complete again.

Experts who write essays online insist on descriptive writing as the easiest yet most challenging style. Most of the details that you are supposed to write about are usually known to you. You are only required to activate these details using words. This type of writing tests your ability to describe an object or process. Instead of struggling with all these rules, you can always order essay online. There are professional writers waiting to produce quality work for you at a small fee. They complete the paper fast and save you from the trouble of spending countless hours in the library working on the paper.