Literary Analysis Essay: Guide and Writing Tips

Writing a literary analysis essay is a common assignment for students in the university, college and high school. It's a vital essay because it includes reading for understanding and doing an assessment of texts. This is part of the learning process and that is why you need to learn more about this particular type of assignment. This is a moment of expressing your ideas, understanding and thoughts about different literature pieces. 

Doing a literary analysis requires you to read some pieces of literature first. You will spend most of your time reading and studying before analyzing the same. A proper understanding is required before you can analyze anything. Here is what you need to know about writing a literary analysis essay:

  • Take time to Study. It all begins here. You have to do wide research and reading to prepare yourself to write this type of essay. Be objective when doing your research so that you can gather enough points to make your presentation. Writing your analysis essay from a well-informed point of view is a great approach to take to be effective.
  • Write an Outline. Prepare a list of things that you will address during your literary analysis. This will help you know how to proceed from the start to the end. These items are the backbone of your writing and therefore, it's good for cohesively building your essay. With this plan, you will have an easy time writing your essay.
  • Introduce your topic. What is your literary analysis about? This is the topic that you will be covering using various literary sources. Your reader will be expecting to get a thorough introduction to your topic of interest. You should make a clear definition of the topic to create interest among your readers. Don't just go straight to making literary citations without introducing the topic.
  • Make Reference to credible sources. The best way to write a literary essay is to make sure you refer to credible sources. Most importantly, you should make proper citation of all the references you have used in the course of your writing. This makes your presentation more professional than just making plain
  • Summarize and Conclude.  After doing a thorough analysis of your topic, remember to do a summary of your topic and restate the main objective stated in the introduction section. It is always good to walk with your readers all through your analysis and bring them to a clear conclusion of what you have written.

Final Thoughts 

Learning is a multifaceted process that requires reading and doing tests. One of the best ways to know for sure whether you learnt something in class is your ability to analyze what you read about. A literary analysis essay is one such assignment that will be used to assess your level of understanding. Therefore, reading for understanding is a basic requirement for this type of assignment. Most importantly, your work should be backed up by several sources to give it the credibility needed to make a strong argument and presentation.