Violence Against Children

Violence is considered to be anything that harms a person physically, mentally or even psychologically. The description of children may be broadly taken to refer to anyone below the age of majority or who is still considered a dependent. In some countries, the age is capped at 16 while others consider the age to be 18. Persons who are above this age and still depending on their parents and guardians may also be regarded as children. Violence against children is therefore described as any act or activity that harms a dependent who is considered to be a child by law.

Manifestations of Violence Against Children

Domestic violence has been witnessed in different forms. Each manifestation affects a child in a unique way, with the damage cause varying from one victim to the other. Here are ways in which violence against children manifests.

  • Physical
  • These are cases where children are beaten to the point of remaining with physical injuries. This may happen at home, in schools or during social interactions. Physical violence is known to escalate and cause psychological and mental challenges. When violence marks are visible, it is possible to find treatment and enhance healing through counselling.

  • Psychological
  • This is usually a spill-over or may happen without the child knowing. It happens through manipulation or indirectly. The mind of the child is usually affected and unable to deal with the issue at hand. The children may develop socialization problems or even such health challenges as incontinence. A lot of counselling is required.

  • Mental
  • Mental violence is related to psychological but extends to the esteem of the child. A psychiatrist is required to provide counselling to correct the situation. This will affect the quality of childhood such a child experiences.

Remedy for Violence against Children

The solutions for violence against children will depend on the type of violence. It will also depend on the environment where the violence is taking place. Here are remedies for violence against children.

  • Social Economic Transformation
  • Most violence happens to children as they try to earn a living. If the families are endowed economically, these children would not need to go searching for opportunities in places where they would be vulnerable. When the society is empowered economically, it has the necessary tools to deal with violence against children.

  • Social Sensitization
  • The society must be sensitized about the need to stop violence against children by protecting them. The sensitization should also focus on parents and guardians who are the main culprits whenever violence is reported.

  • Legal Intervention
  • The people who are caught with cases of violence against children must face the full force of the law. The law should provide for punitive punishment that will deter perpetrators. Even their collaborators should be netted by the law.

Violence against children is sometimes concealed because they do not have the power to defend themselves. Responsible authorities and individuals must be more vigilant to avert such problems. Children must also be sensitized to enable them report whenever they experience violence. This will drastically reduce such cases and provide children with a safe place to grow.

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